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Applied Spaces designs and installs prefabricated, removable or demountable office partitions and acoustic pods that adapt to changing needs of all his clients.

Whether in steel, glass, wood or composite materials, Optima systems have always been the worldwide reference for workplace partitions. They allow complete reorganization of buildings in full respect of initial performance, without compromising the acoustic and fire characteristics of Optima products. The company is positioned in a global approach to respect the environment and contributes to the achievement of internationally recognized certifications (LEED, HQE, BREEAM) for many buildings.

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Sustainable Development

For a long time, the construction industry has been regarded as one of the "culprits" leading to global warming and waste generation.


The Optima solutions gives a lot of flexibility in the workspace through relocations of the modular spaces or walls.


A well-designed acoustical workplace will feel comfortable to employees: Collaboration will be aided and will not distract surrounding groups that are not involved in the discussion.


Combining efficient space utilisation and the art of aesthetics is one of the key components of interior fit-out projects.

Technology Integration

Modern office design is evolving alongside technological advancements, with a strong need of using new high tech devices in order to facilitate all aspects of how people work and collaborate.


Concerns about employee wellbeing and pollution in the workplace has forced companies and designers to develop sustainable offices that have a minimal environmental footprint and impact on health.