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About Applied Spaces

We are Optima’s distributors cooperating in Taiwan.
Whether it is consulting, assembly, warranty, etc., we have rich experience in system partition engineering.
Attach importance to cooperation with related manufacturers to achieve the most perfect spatial effect together.

About Optima

Optima is an international leader in
glass partitioning systems.

We have manufacturing facilities in the UK and Kuala Lumpur and over 30 years’ experience in the glass partitioning industry. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and beautifully designed glass partitions and doors which exude quality in every region we operate in. We are wholly dedicated to helping our clients create effective and innovative workspaces in some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

All of our systems are designed, manufactured and installed with care, precision and expertise to create a truly special environment.

[Three services We Provide]

Our Services

Optima system partition

We work with facilities team and external contractors to understand the specific constraints of the works required, and will offer solutions to adapt the working space with the minimum of disruption within the required deadlines. The primary focus is to allow our clients to continue with their business activities. Adaptation allows evolution: it’s the founding idea of Optima.
Optima Services The only Optima reloctable partition specialist. Around the clock: Installation // Removal of partitions Re-structuring // Re-housing Complete rearranging of office space without disturbing the customer’s business activities.

Sound insulation project planning

Our product is obtain official certification for products in terms of mechanics, acoustics, fire resistance, ventilation and seismic performance or any other technical requirement required by specific projects.
Our factories are also ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified,which benefits our customers. We contribute to the achievement of International labels such as LEED, BREEAM and HQE in many buildings.
Certificate_ISO 9001:2015
Certificate_ISO 14001:2015
Certificate_ISO 45001:2018

Interior design and implementation design

According to customer needs, our auxiliary projects carry out interior design and implementation design and other engineering planning.

In-depth understanding of customer needs, provide the most appropriate solutions.

The corporate philosophy of Applied Spaces is ” Trust, enthusiasm and innovation”. We have a diverse team, ready to meet all kinds of new challenges. Combining a wide range of advanced professional technology, knowledge and innovative design.