JP Morgan

JP Morgan

With a history of over 140 years in Asia, J.P. Morgan has extensive knowledge and understanding of the region’s immense diversity, enabling them to deliver insights that help clients realize their unique goals. With services offered in investments, wealth advisory and lending, the company focuses on innovation and customer needs.  Optima was the perfect partner.  A selection of standard and bespoke partitions and doors were chosen for this project.  Natural and bronzed anodised Revolution 97 mullion-free double and offset single glazing was used.  Solid echo panels and white boards fitted with bespoke sliding timber doors.  Double glazed Edge Symmetry and Axile Clarity doors were used in micro flush frames.

The Space

When searching for an architect, SMU found their partner in MKPL Architects, whose vision matched the University’s desire to create a modern ground-breaking facility to support academic activity and legal collaboration.

A key feature of the new School of Law building is the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library. This 2,600 sq m research library is based on aesthetic appeal and functional ability. Strategically placed at the high point of the site, it is designed to be an “inspirational beacon.” Named in memory of the late Madam Kwa Geok Choo, wife of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, this state-of-the-art law library will be fully equipped to cater for cutting-edge legal research for up to 500 persons, including faculty members, university legal partners and students.

The library building adopts an almost pearl like architectural form via the utilization of a central glass atrium. This will offer somewhere where students can meet, study, socialise, eat and relax together. The key to this design is ability to nurture a natural air of collaboration whilst at the same time to create a space that works sustainably and sits confidently within Singapore’s prestigious business district.

The Project

Throughout the new School of Law, Optima installed its high-performing Revolution double glazed system to achieve unrivalled acoustic performance. Optima also installed Edge Affinity double glazed doors with Tech Panels that serve to provide in-room customisation and control. These glazing systems were applied with different finishes in accordance with SMU’s vision and MKPL’s designs.

Each of these systems was installed to the highest level of accuracy and precision. The outstanding acoustic performance meant that both privacy and openness could become part of everyday working and teaching life for the SMU.

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