Intermediate Capital Group

Elegant glass partitions at Intermediate Capital Group’s new headquarters 

Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) has recently completed the fit-out of their new London head office. Situated in a highly sought-after spot on Ludgate Circus in the City, this asset management companies’ new office provides a stylish working environment. Used extensively throughout the building, our range of glass partitions helped create an airy and modern space. Furthermore. the integration of our innovative switchable glass partitions at ICG’s new London headquarters enhances privacy within the office. Working alongside architects HLW International and main contractor ISG we created an elegant and sleek fit-out, installing a contemporary, open design built with colleagues and clients in mind.

Acoustic performance at the heart

From the outset of this project acoustic performance was an important design requirement for this asset management company’s new headquarters. With this in mind, we installed our Revolution 54 double glazed partitioning system throughout level 4 of the design. The installation of this adaptable system created a number of client facing meeting rooms across the floorplan. One of our most popular systems, Revolution 54 Plus offers an attractive aesthetic whilst also ensuring excellent acoustic performance. Moreover, this system allows natural light to flow through the open office space, whilst providing an impressive acoustic rating of up to Rw45dB, with two sheets of acoustic laminate glass.  

Impressive acoustic performance was continued all through this contemporary fit-out with the addition of our Revolution 100 double glazed partitions. Installed with our virtually invisible Nebula joint system we created a stunning top floor boardroom. Furthermore, our glass partitions create a seamless separation between the boardroom and the open office whilst maintaining visual connectivity. In addition, with excellent acoustic performance, achieving up to Rw51dB with two layers of 12mm acoustic laminated glass, Revolution 100 provides the ideal acoustic performance to fit this design. As a result, our elegant glass partitions offer outstanding acoustic performance whilst preserving the bright, open style of the office.  

Visual privacy in the open

Just as acoustic privacy was an important design requirement for this fit-out so was visual privacy. Therefore, to enhance privacy throughout this design both our Revolution 100 and 54 systems were installed with Switchable glass, providing instant visual privacy.  

“Switchable glass is an electric glass that when switched on, an electrical current is applied. The current changes the properties of the glass therefore instantly turning it from opaque to clear.” 

This innovative feature allows colleagues and clients to switch between open and private meetings at the flick of a button. By installing Switchable glass partitions throughout this London design, we were able to create a collection of private meeting rooms, offices and boardrooms. The unique element offers a stylish and versatile solution that also gives the user more control over their environment and ensures privacy can be maintained. 

Moreover, the need for visual privacy was enhanced with the installation of our Elite Aero pocket sliding door. Therefore, this space saving solution not only offers a striking aesthetic that ensures visual privacy, but it can also achieve an impressive Rw39dB with 12mm toughened glass. As a result, our elegant glass partitions and doors enhance the open feel of the office whilst maintaining privacy throughout.  

Fire safe

Just as significant, fire safety was a key design requirement for this asset management company. With this in mind, Technishield 50 doors and side screens were installed throughout. Furthermore, this impressive fire door integrateseamlessly with Revolution 54 Plus partitions, creating several private offices. Offering 30 minutes integrity, this fire solution meets both the aesthetic and practical design requirements of this impressive fit-out. Technishield 70 glass doors and side panels reinforce fire safety throughout this elegant fit-out. Providing up to 90 minutes integrity and insulation, this steel system delivers a high-performance solution which adds to the aesthetics of the office. 

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