With an economy on the up (being up by 4.5% in the past year) and Malaysia being publicly recognized as the third wealthiest country in Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur has established itself as the home of many high-end businesses in recent years, one of which being technology giant Huawei. A company known to rival the likes of Samsung and Sony in terms of technology and ingenuity. Huawei’s offices in Kuala Lumpur have been fitted with the latest in glass partitions.

Greetings from Huawei

Walking into the reception area, you are greeted by sleek white fixtures contrasted by a grey backdrop. This grey wall hosts the Huawei logo in red and black which draws your attention from every angle. The architrave and skirting of the space are a striking shade of red, matching the Huawei logo. The area is clean, crisp and boasts contemporary charm.

Modern building, modern partitions

Further adding to the modern style of the building, we have fitted Huawei’s office with our modern partitions, our Revolution 100. These systems are bespoke with manifestation covering the entirety of the glass panels installed. The opaque manifestation with a green hue was specified by architect Aedas Singapore to be a means of visual privacy, splitting the reception area off from meeting rooms and office spaces. Our Revolution 100 systems are acoustically rated up to Rw51dB, proving the dynamic nature of the fitted partitions.

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