HERE Solutions

HERE Solutions

HERE provides unique mapping data and related services to individuals and companies. Here captures location content such as road networks, buildings, parks and traffic patterns. It then sells or licenses that mapping content, along with navigation services and location solutions to other businesses such as Alpine, Garmin, BMW, Oracle and

Working with a company that leads the way…

We have completed an exciting project for Here Solutions in Mumbai, India. The project was designed by Beyond Design using our Revolution 54 single glazed partitions with Axile Clarity glass doors. 

In addition, HERE Solutions gives an easy-to-use platform service for smartphones.  It provides location services through its own HERE Solutions applications and has maps in nearly 200 countries, The company’s ground-breaking technology offer voice-guided navigation in 94 countries, provides live traffic information in an impressive 33 countries and has indoor maps available for about 49,000 unique buildings in 45 countries. 

Revolutionising HERE Solutions

HERE Solutions chose us for our glass partitions which create quiet office spaces. Further to this, our Revolution Range partitions were chosen for the HERE Solutions fit-out. Furthermore, Revolution 54 also gives any offices, a sleek and modern finish. In addition, our Revolution Range is a  stunning dry-jointed system with the added benefit of giving you a choice of sizes. This further allows those personal touches to make your offices stand out.

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