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Sustainable Development

For a long time, the construction industry has been regarded as one of the “culprits” leading to global warming and waste generation. For decades, construction methods have stagnated, and most companies in the industry are reluctant to adopt more sustainable construction methods due to cost and project lead times. However, with global warming and the increasing impact of excessive waste on people’s lives, construction companies must make radical changes to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. For hundreds of years, Optima has always been committed to movable and reusable office cubicles. This concept fits today’s market needs. Indeed, the overall solution provided by Optimacan be reused and moved many times. It is different from temporary wall panels that will eventually be removed, eliminating unnecessary waste, transportation and construction noise. Optima’s full range of products are designed in accordance with this concept. We not only use materials that meet the highest environmental standards to manufacture the compartments, but also extend the life cycle of the product through a reusable design to meet the needs of users to change the office space. This circular economy model not only reduces the inherent pollution of buildings, but also brings a number of advantages to office users. First of all, users can reorganize the office space at will, without having to go through heavy renovation work, which will inevitably cause interference and pressure on office staff. Secondly, through the on-demand manufacturing process, users only need to send the existing compartment system to Optima’s factory, and then they can easily transform and upgrade it to improve performance. Again, the entire life cycle of the office cubicle is extended, and the long-term return on investment is maximized. The cost of moving and reinstalling the Optima compartment is much lower than that of a traditional renovation project, because in a traditional renovation project, workers must demolish old walls, build new walls, and clean up waste. In addition, Optima products release less VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air, thus greatly reducing the overall maintenance cost of the ventilation system. “Optima’s solution is sustainable and is a long-term solution for companies to use the value of office space to respond to structural changes, especially to reduce their environmental footprint.