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A well-designed acoustical workplace will feel comfortable to employees: Collaboration will be aided and will not distract surrounding groups that are not involved in the discussion, while competing conversations will not cause a process making the stress levels of the occupants rise.



One of the most important aspects of acoustic privacy is achieving speech privacy: when conversations are taking place, listeners may hear sounds, but cannot make out what the speakers are saying.

The Optima solutions, with full height partition and doors, operable walls, acoustically absorptive materials, phone booths or larger modular meeting spaces with acoustic ceiling, provide the required level of privacy for the user with laboratory tests available for each system.

Another key element to take into account to create a comfortable environment for the user: visual privacy. With integrations of curtains, manual and electrical blinds, cloaking films or switchable glass technology, the Optima products have been developed to create private atmospheres that increase productivity, job satisfaction and engagement.